ESPAÑA: Península y Baleares 4 labor days (Pickup in postal office) 3,85 € 3,85 €
48 labor hours 7,25 € 7,25 €
ESPAÑA: Canarias, Ceuta & Melilla 4 labor days 8,00 € 9,50 €
REST OF EUROPE 7 labor days 7,50 € 14,80 €
REST OF WORLD 15 labor days 14,25 € 24,75 €

The transportation of acquired articles will be through the company shown on the purchase confirmation that the client will receive upon purchase.

In order to avoid delivery incidents (incorrect addresses, the impossibility of finding someone at home, etc.), it is absolutely necessary to fill out the corresponding form correctly and it is strongly advised to fill out the box relating to a contact telephone number, preferably a mobile telephone.

If the client receives the package with any type of damage or defect, the client should indicate this on the delivery note supplied by the transportation company.  The client can reject the package if the damage is obvious.

The price of transportation is calculated depending on the destination region and the garments acquired.  The exact price of transportation will be calculated by including each article in the shopping basket and will appear on the page that summarizes the purchase, before the purchase confirmation through “Confirm Purchase” and before the credit or debit card information is entered.

Deliveries to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla may have additional reception costs due to customs procedures derived from their special fiscal status.

Deliveries to countries other than Spain may have their own additional reception costs due to customs procedures derived from the legislation of each country, as well as in determined countries added transportation costs

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